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Day 17

Yesterday I realized that every experience I’m going through is an experience that I’m supposed to go through to become the person that God envisioned me to be

Day 16

All of us have a purpose in life and although our methods may differ I believe all of us are put on this Earth to serve humanity. How do you serve? :)

Day 15

Everyday I wake up and put a smile on my face sometimes because I’m happy and other times simply because I’m alive and know that the world is watching waiting for me to lead the way

Day 14

Each generation passes on their legacy onto the next but there comes a time in everybody’s life where you have to stop living the legacy that has been passed onto you and create a new one of your own

Day 13

All of us are different but I that believe each one of us is born with equal power to inspire and change the world and to use the words of Stan Lee “With great power, comes great responsibility”. What are you doing with yours? :)

Day 12

Nobody is born great but if you’re true to yourself you will eventually uncover your greatness as you go through life

Day 11

Yesterday as I was wheeling myself to the sitting room I figured out that to be great at something you have to do it every day.

Day 10

Yesterday as I was sitting at the dinner table and eating dinner by myself I was filled with such pride

Day 9

Yesterday I felt like I couldn’t get anything right no matter how hard I tried and today I feel I could conquer the world it just goes to show that nothing in life remains constant.

Day 8

I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward. (Thomas Edison). I wonder what would have happened if Thomas Edison had given up on his dream of inventing the light bulb